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The concept for my company was to offer small business an affordable help to digitalise their activities.

After chatting with a doctor friend, it appeared that, even in 2004, most practitioners didn’t have the tools they’d need to help them in their daily routine, and that the maintenance of the patient’s file would require significant time every day.

Or would simply not be done, letting the doctor dive in her or his memory to rebuild the patient’s history at every single visit. At the risk of forgetting important constraints or actions taken.

Teaming up with a medical sponsor, the doctor and I set the basis for concepts that would eventually reveal robust for many work domains: files, actors, documents. Using the structure setup to organise the consulting activity, he entered into a strong collaboration, using the practioner’s knowledge and needs and his own experience in developing fast, low-cost, low-technicality  software still able to deal with complex requirements.

The light-weight medical practitioner’s tool “MeDos” was born… 

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Xavier SIMON



With a 17-year strong experience in developing tools in very diverse environments – research, shops – and applying proven methodologies in multiple customer environments, he decided to walk his own path, and founded Malouines Consult in 2004.

With natural talent for understanding the needs behind the talks he had with numerous users in many different areas, he developed a way to translate them in concepts that could be immediately understood and bought in.

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“exceptional analysis abilities and a fabulous sense of humor”